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Email Marketing

Email is one of the best ways to get your products, services and latest news to your existing and prospective customers. Email marketing can be divided up into several sub niches which provide different solutions for your email campaign needs. Email can also serve as an entry point to drive traffic to any particular online campaign that we can develop for you.

Here we list a few services that we can offer clients.

Email Branding

PERONii can create email branding for your general company outgoing emails. This gives recipients a professional brand interaction with your company. We also provide mail branding as part of our corporate identity design packages.

Hosted Bulk Email Solutions

Hosted bulk email solutions allow us the flexibility to run campaigns from an online platform. The fully fledged system allows for multiple email lists, integrated subscription forms on your website and full stats on opening rates and click through rates.


  • Weekly / Monthly Email Newsletters
  • Campaign Seeding (invitation emails to users inviting them to visit your online campaign)

PERONii will design, distribute and manage your email campaigns for you and provide reporting after each mailshot.

List Management & Upselling

PERONii offers clients comprehensive database marketing services, that incorporate data management, cleansing, profiling and upselling. If you have a large database of customers, we can help you increase return on investment by monetising your promotional emails in various ways, including cross branding campaigns. Another part of our list management services are direct targeted subsetting campaigns, which does direct email marketing based on a specific subset of your data, therefore improving conversion rates and return on investment.

Email Database Rental

PERONii consults and acquires target opt-in email lists for you to advertise your business in. The client provides us with a profile of the desired target market and we will quote based on available emails within that target market and manage your campaign. When dealing with external list rentals PERONii manages the media placement and technical requirements from suppliers on client behalf.

Viral Email Marketing Campaigns

We build custom viral campaigns to client specifications. We then use the bulk email solution with your existing database or acquire target seed lists to market the campaign to. We also provide stats on referrals and on the initial emails that went out. A viral campaign is when you enter your details (or answer a few profiling questions - see below) and have to provide 3-5 friends names and emails to complete your registration. Thus the term viral. Viral email campaigns are particularly effective in growing your company database.

Incentive Driven Profiling Campaigns

Profiling campaigns allow clients to get a better understanding of their existing database. Find out what your customer preferences are towards your products or services and reward them with a random drawn prize. The idea behind incentives are to improve conversion on the campaigns. PERONii provides stats on the initial promotional mailer and then referral stats if it's viral.


  • Competitions
  • Surveys
  • RSVP Systems

PERONii has developed a proprietory hosted viral marketing campaign system to handle all of the above. We provide the full scale campaign solution from conceptualisation to final reporting.

Custom Solutions

We also provide custom solutions that combine various elements from the options above. Please give us an idea of your requirements so that we can provide you with an accurate estimation.

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