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The browser is the computer program that allows you to view and interact with www. pages on the internet, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Navigator.
See also Websafe Colours
Clip Art
Illustrations that are copyright-free.
The abbreviation for the three primary subtractive colours : Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, along with Black (Black being the subtraction of all colour, added to the print process to enhance contrast). CMYK is the colour model used in print media, compared to the RGB colour model used in multimedia design.
See also RGB, Subtractive Colour
Colour Value
The value of a colour is the parameter within the Hue-Saturation-Value colour space that describes the lightness or darkness of that colour. Adding black or white to a particular hue, changes the value of the colour. Luminance is often incorrectly reffered to as brightness.
See also Hue, Luminance, Saturation
The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is like the “brain” of a computer – a chip, or chipset, or microprocessor.
Cutting out unnecessary edges of an image, so that the focus is on an individual portion of the picture.
Deepedging is a graphic design technique for removing the background from an object. This can be achieved by tracing the edges of an object with the polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop. It’s a cumbersome process, but the affect is great and essential for any graphic designer to learn.
That part of a lowercase letter that falls below the baseline, or x-height, of that letter. Examples of letters that have descenders are : “j” “g” “p” “q” “y”.
See also Ascender, Baseline
An Adobe (previously Macromedia) software application that supports HTML as well as WYSIWYG editing, used to create and manage websites. Available for Macintosh computers and PC.
See also Macromedia
A Macromedia software application for image-editing. It supports both vector and bitmap graphics. Fireworks is aimed at web designers, and integrates well with other Macromedia applications. Available for Macintosh computers and PC.
See also Macromedia