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An Adobe Systems Inc software application that was the pioneer in professional desktop publishing (DTP). Available for Macintosh computers and PC. Pagemaker’s main rival is QuarkXpress.
See also Adobe Systems Incorporated, QuarkXpress
A very popular Adobe Systems Inc software application used for image-manipulation and creating graphics. Photoshop is bitmap-based, with some vector functions. Available for Macintosh computers and PC.
See also Adobe Systems Incorporated
Press Proof
A proof is usually made just before the actual printing job, using the finished plates and correct paper and ink, to check the colour before the final production run.
See also Proof, Proofing Press
A document printed just before the final printing job, for approval by the client and designer and to check for final changes.
See also AA (Authors Alterations), Press Proof, Proofing Press
Proofing Press
Special proofing presses are sometimes used to print a proof, using the same paper and ink as that which the final print job will use, but without the pressure of using the finished plates as in a press proof. Although these proofs are almost accurate, the colours are sometimes not 100% correct; they tend to be more vibrant.
See also Press Proof, Proof