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Back Edge
In a book, the back edge is the margin closest to the spine.
See also Spine
A high-speed line or series of lines which together forms a major information transfer pathway within a network.
  1. To print on the opposite side of a sheet already printed on
  2. Aligning images or text to match vertical lines on the opposite side of the page
  3. Storing important data safely by duplicating them onto discs, removable hard drives or other storage media
The volume of infomation sent through a connection. This volume is measured in bites per second (bps).
An imaginary line whereupon characters in a type line sits. Some characters have descenders that extend below the baseline, for example “g” and “p”.
See also Descender
Baud is the value to the number of times per second that the carrier signal value changes. In common use, the rate at which bits can be sent or received per second by a modem.
A Bulletin Board System which allows people to meet, announce, carry on discussions and upload and download files. Usally people operate or post within defined groups.
Infomation which is entirely composed of ones and zeros. Readable to only computers. Refers to files which aren’t of the usual text format, eg.image files.
The browser is the computer program that allows you to view and interact with www. pages on the internet, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Navigator.
See also Websafe Colours