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News & Articles

  1. 6 Sep 2005

    Web and Graphic Design Glossary

    Our web and graphic design glossary section is up. We’re constantly updating it, so check back regularly for definitions of terms (technical jargon) we use often.

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  2. 29 Aug 2005

    Ernst & Co Wines - New website launched

    The Ernst & Co wines website have been launched. This young, modern and trendy brand is sure to become very popular with wine collectors. Head to their website now for more information!

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  3. 25 Aug 2005

    What is a corporate identity and do I need one?

    Starting up a new business? An essential part of setting up your new business is having a corporate identity. Now some of you might be new to the game and won’t know what having a corporate id means, so we’ll shed some light. Think of a corporate id as your visual branding. This is the first thing that people will see when they are presented with your business in public.

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  4. 22 Aug 2005

    Web & Graphic Design Portfolio - South Africa

    After many requests we have decided to put a small portfolio online of a few designs here. Print portfolio examples can be requested by emailing us at or by specifically requesting it when filling out our free quote request.

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  5. 29 Jul 2005

    Graphic Design Services - South Africa

    PERONii Solutions now have a dedicated graphic designer to meet the growing needs of clients wanting print design work done. To further complement our existing range of new media design services we can now offer improved turnaround time on corporate ID, brochure, poster and any other graphic design work that our clients need.

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  6. 27 Jul 2005

    How well does my page rank?

    PERONii Solutions offer basic and detailed site audits to give you a benchmark of what your website’s current search engine optimization status is. Competitive ranking results will show you who’s ranking at the top for your keywords and also reveal what can be done to improve your site quality and ranking.

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  7. 20 Jul 2005

    PERONii welcomes Ernst & Co Wines

    Ernst & Co wines have acquired the web design services of PERONii. Another South African web design coming up soon!

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