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News & Articles

  1. 26 Apr 2006

    Google supplemental result bugs

    We’ve been noticing some updates on the PR and supplemental results of Google. Not much to go by, but many sites seem to have been affected and dropped into the supplemental results, which means that they get crawled less and thus get less traffic due to the pages being dropped out of the main search index.

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  2. 4 Apr 2006

    Digital Photography Services

    PERONii offers a whole range digital photography options. We have access to 3 high profile professional photographers in Cape Town and also do our own photography at times when client budget does not permit the booking fees of our partners.

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  3. 23 Mar 2006

    Big Daddy Google Update

    Google has recently started to implement an infrastructure upgrade to their datacenters. The internet community dubbed the update “Big Daddy”. For the most part there are not any major upsets. You can go and test your searches at datacenters and which are live with the new data.

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  4. 22 Feb 2006

    Advertise your company in Google

    Google Adwords supply the perfect way for companies to advertise their services on the Internet. Due to the personalisation of search results, you’re able to target a geographical pool of search users (i.e. Google users within a specific country) to market your products and services.

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  5. 13 Dec 2005

    Habits Fashion site launch

    We have recently launched the Habits Cape Town fashion website with great success. With cutting edge design and integrated online store they are sure to reach new online heights.

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  6. 18 Nov 2005

    Is Flash still relevant?

    Macromedia Flash has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. Being an easily accessible tool with big market penetration (above 90%) it has brought vector animation and sound truly alive on the web, while still being able to serve low bandwidth access with multimedia. There was a big boom around 2000 and almost any website had some flash intros and multimedia heavy flash artillery. The problem was and is still uneducated designers.

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  7. 4 Nov 2005

    Google Update - Jagger

    Over the last 3 weeks major updates (coined the Jagger update) in the Google search algorythm have wreaked havoc with many websites’ organic ranking results on search engines. At the moment, the third iteration is in progress and is said to last at least another week.

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  8. 7 Oct 2005

    Need improved Search Engine Rank?

    Improving your ranking in search engines is a specialised science that takes quite some time to master. Through years of trial and error we’ve managed to gain the experience that enables us to dramatically increase search engine visibility and ranking for our clients.

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  9. 7 Oct 2005

    Habits Fashion Boutique set for online revamp

    Habits Fashion Boutique have approached PERONii for a revamp of their website design and online store. Keep a lookout for their new site which will be launched soon.

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  10. 6 Sep 2005

    Our portfolio is online!

    We have recently added a graphic and web design portfolio section to our website. Here you will find a selection of websites and graphic designs we have recently made. We have no fixed design style and take inspiration from our client’s business. We have strong conceptual design capabilities and are looking forward to hear more about what you do and discuss what we can do for you. Let your people talk to our people.

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