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10 quick social media tips to implement right now

Posted on 2011-06-20 under Articles


When you bring your brand (personal or company) into the social media websphere, you need to take care of what you put out there.

Here are 10 short tips on bringing your brand online or enhancing your presence.

  1. Don't build a social media presence because your competitors are there, build it because your customers are there
  2. Don't push news all the time. Listen, and respond accordingly, whether verbal (on SM) or direct to customers
  3. Take the trouble to make your SM presence look nice, don't just do a hackjob of creating your profiles (is that what you want your customers to think of you?)
  4. Build value in quick, informative response
  5. Don't manage negative response by deleting comments, deal with it publicly and win over new brand ambassadors
  6. If you keep on getting negative response, something is WRONG with your products or services, deal with it swiftly
  7. Build relationships and nurture them, think of it as a marriage (which will fail if you don't work at it)
  8. Target influencers, but identify them clearly over time (no shotgun approach here)
  9. Analyse your stats. Make sure you implement measurable metrics and analyse them for trends and insights to improve your social media strategy
  10. Have a little fun. Social Media is not all work, it's a lot of play too, so have a little fun along the way.
Hope you enjoyed these tips. Share it with your friends if you found it helpful! - Dirk (@dirktolken)